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N-ice Shack Portable Ice Fishing Shelters - Features


Custom N-ice Shack Trailer
ilt frame trailer custom-built for your N-ice Shack.


Ice Fishing Shacks

Portable Ice Shack Trailer

Portable Ice Shack Trailer

Portable Ice Fishing Shanty

EZE loading tilt bed (98" x 50") - 2" ball
1000 Lbs. winch c/w belt and hook
Front wheel jack
Bed rails to fit N-ice shack runners
Plank deck (treated)
Bearing buddys - come with caps
Dual safety chains - 12 tie-down loacations
Mud flaps
12" radial tires
2000 pound axle (4 bolt 2000 GVW) 3 leaf springs
This custom trailer is powder coated (not paint) any color
Setting up and loading up is a one man job when you have this trailer!


2500 Lbs. GVW (5 bolt axle - 4 leaf springs)
Custom sides
Cargo box
LED lighting
Spare tire holder





Tow Bars

Here I am following my friend as he tows his shack.
You too can tow this shack behind your sled.
When tow bar is flipped down it automatically
lifts the shack breaking it free from the ice and keeps the
front of the shack lifted so it will travel easily over the snow.




Fish door

Trap door allows you to put your catch outside

without having to open the door and loose your heat.





Four hole model

Fishing in the four hole model, the hole covers fold up out of the way.
Notice the thermal glass door window with Velcro cover to
block out light, it is standard in all the models.





Slide locks

Slide locks to be used for assembly.

The side walls wonít blow down while you are setting up the shack.



Top vent and insulated roof

Inside height is 74 inches.

Roof has a half inch of insulation inside canvass cover.

Specially designed to prevent condensation.

Vent can be opened or closed as needed.




Spare rod holders

Holes drilled in different location allows you to choose

the placement of your spare rod holders.††††††

Designed to allow your rod to swing from hole to hole.






Itís portable!

Itís all back in the box and I can take it home.

Tomorrow Iím going to fish a different lake Ė thanks to my N-ice Shack.

(I bet that other shack owner wishes he could do this!)

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